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Revitalising Power Day

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Revitalising Power Day – contains all of the ingredients as above, but on top of that it<br>contains sea buckthorn seeds oil. 1/3 of argan oil has been replaced by this deeply orange and full of natural carotenoids oil. The cream is recommended for dry to super dry skin, city, dull skin without power and energy. Improves the skin colour and gives the skin the youthful boost.

This unique handmade line of moisturisers has been designed by the pharmacist,
that runs her own Skin Clinic as the answer to demanding and problematic skin requirements. The formula is based on only natural or of natural origin ingredients and the quantity of ingredients has been reduced down to minimum. All of the ingredients are eco-certified, vegan and the whole formula is preservatives free and approved by Oxford Bioscience and registered for sale in UK. Every single cream is hand made with care. Ingredients are weight on pharmaceutical scale.

Creams match the physiological concentration of active ingredients in
epidermis, what optimise hydration and the balance of electrolytes. D-Panthenol (pro-vitamin B5) improves regeneration process of skin cells, sooths redness and acts as anti-inflammatory (it is the 1 st aid in sunburns and nappy rash), ultra small molecule hyaluronic acid absorbs the water from the atmosphere and keeps it on the surface of the epidermis without affecting gas exchange or natural water evaporation (TEWL). The ONLY oil used in these creams is argan oil, which properties we don’t have to advertise. Perfect for every type of skin, rich in fatty acids, which are integral part of skin
cells membrane. Vitaminum E is known as a perfect antioxidant and is these creams is used to protect argan oil against oxidation as well as protect your skin cells against free radicals from the atmosphere.