We do not store credit card details nor do we share customer details with any 3rd parties.
Your personal data is handled in accordance with applicable data protection law and in accordance
with the information in privacy statement.
All goods are shipped by Royal Mail (with proof of postage and tracking details). It will require a
signature on receipt. Unfortunately we are not able to control the vagaries of the courier service, but
would recommend that on average you allow up to 10 business days for UK orders and up to 14
business days for all international orders from the time of dispatch. UK shipping rate is per order and
will not change however many items you order.
You are responsible for all the appropriate Import and Customs Duties.
Cancellation Rights & Returns ­ UK and EU

If you live in the United Kingdom or European Union country, you have a legal right to cancel your
order after you have received and inspected the goods, up to 14 days after reception. Please note
that ,,Inspect" means examine the bottle and single use of product. Products partially or fully used
will not be refunded. Please see out item specific guidance below.
Please note that no statutory cancellation rights apply to goods that have been made specifically to
your requirements, design or measurements.
Please note that you are under a legal duty to take care of the product, and this includes all
packaging and labelling. Care must be taken to ensure that the goods remain in the best possible
Graff Cosmetics does not take responsibility for any allergic reactions, hypersensitivities or medical
complications occurred after using the products. Products should be only used according to its

You must return the goods to us securely packaged, in the condition in which they were received, at
your cost, as soon as possible, with as much of their original packaging and their original paperwork
as possible. We will refund to your credit card, within 30 working days of receiving the goods, the
sums paid by you in relation to them.
If you do not return the goods within 21 days of your cancellation notice, we may chose to recover
the goods from you, and if we do so, to charge you for the cost of doing so. If, despite sending a
cancellation notice, you do not return the goods or fail to make them available for collection within
30 days of your notice of cancellation, you will be deemed to have accepted the goods, at which
point a new purchase contract will be made, and if we have already granted a refund, you will be re-
charged for your order at the price set out on the web site.
If you want to have access to full terms and conditions or have any questions please feel free to
contact our team on graffcosmetics@gmail.com